About us

Glasmanufaktur Mitienda represents CVSJ, a 100% Mexican company founded in 1987, in Europe.

For more than 20 years Central de Vidrio Soplado de Jalisco (CVSJ) has been the leading manufacturer of mouthblown glass products. Located in the beautiful and business minded city of Tonala, Jalisco, it is committed to the growth of the city, generating employment and to respect for the environment. This is why we use recycled glass, thus are a part of the world wide eco-friendly movement.

All our products are handmade without the use of any heavy machinery, the process of recycling glass is 100% by hand and original. For that reason each and every piece is unique and a true representative of the “Mexican Crafts”.

We are suppliers of the main hotel chains in our Country, as well as of main decoration companies locally and in the United States of America. Also we supply local retail markets and are the first choice for the City council of the State, for the visits that the Departments of Tourism organizes to present the art of Blown Glass.